Diffuser Blend- Find your Zen

Updated: May 19, 2018

A beautiful blend to diffuse, helping with your daily meditation or to enjoy in your home.

Lime - This essential oil has refreshing and energizing properties. Has a positive effect on mood. Promotes emotional balance which helps centre and balance emotions.

Ginger - The fragrance of ginger has a earthy, fresh and cleansing aroma, creating a sense of physical balance and a calm state of mind. It has energizing, revitalizing and warming properties

Sandlewood - Commonly used in meditation, Sandlewood has a sweet woody aroma. Reduces feelings of stress and promotes relaxation. Helps lessen tension and balances emotions. Settles emotions by grounding and balancing. Also can create a uplifting atmosphere.

Grapefruit - Helps reduce tense feelings and promotes feelings of vitality and uplifts mood. Also promotes a sense of focus.

Bergamot - Promotes a sense of self confidence. Also has calming and soothing benefits.

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